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Divorce and Family Law Representation - I advise and represent clients in a range of family law matters including divorce, property division, maintenance (alimony), child custody and placement, child support, domestic abuse restraining orders, post judgment motions, and premarital and postmarital agreements.

Personal Injury & Accidents - For over 30 years I have been representing clients in all kinds of accident and injury cases, including serious back, head, and neck injuries, as well as permanent injuries to the entire body.  I look forward to working with you and developing your case to obtain the best result.  No fees are charged unless you recover your claim.

Business and Corporations - Meeting the needs of the Business Community, we offer the following services:  setting up businesses and/or corporations; establishing the direction small businesses should take, whether it be establishing a sole proprietorship, a subchapter S corporation, a corporation, or Limited Liability Company; creating employment contracts, noncompete agreements, and other employee contracts; obtaining the necessary Federal Tax Identification numbers, sellers permits and all necessary licenses to start a new business.  These decisions  require a professional analysis.

Real Estate & Zoning Issues
- For over 30 years I have represented clients buying and selling homes, multi-family residential and commercial properties.  I have negotiated and drafted complex agreements by and between individuals, companies, and partnerships relating to real estate investment, ownership, and management.  I have become very knowledgeable in my representation of individuals and corporations relating to changing zoning for land/building use to best serve the economic needs of the owner and the community.  On a regular and continuing basis, I advise and represent clients who are real estate developers.  I look forward to helping you and/or your company with the legal planning and directions that is required to meet your goals.

Wills, Estate Planning - A crucial part of life is preparing to protect your loved ones in the event of death.  It is very important to have a will, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and other legal documents prepared, such as Revocable Trusts, and Powers of Attorney to manage your estate if you become unwilling or unable to manage it yourself.  You owe it to yourself to have a consultation to discuss your needs and to assure the right decisions are made for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Divorce Mediation - Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that empowers couples to negotiate their own agreement with the guidance of a neutral mediator. As a mediator, I work with couples who are divorcing or have some other family conflict. I organize the discussion and the collection of information; help the couple identify issues and common interests and explore options. Any agreement must be acceptable to both parties.

Probate a Will and/or Estate - After the death of a loved one, what procedure do you, as a client, follow?  Where do you go for information on how to proceed?  Is a probate action needed?  Can you avoid probate and/or transfer assets?  Summary assignment or summary settlement?  Is it possible to transfer assets by the severance of joint ownership of property?  Do you need a formal or informal Probate Proceedings?  These are all questions that you may have after the death of a loved one, and should all be asked of an attorney.  We are here to answer your questions, give you direction, and represent you through this process at this difficult time.

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